AI Developer

AI Developer

Semine AS is a Norwegian startup now scaling up, with huge ambitions to revolutionize the finance and accounting industry with new, advanced technology. We are the first mover in full automation of accounting and one of the startups growing fastest in the Nordics and one of the finalist for Nordic Awards 2019, in the category Best AI-startup. We have developed the SEMINE accounting platform, a revolutionary A.I. platform for accounting, data classification and analysis. SEMINE allows the finance and accounting department to drastically reduce costs, increase competitiveness and release time and resources through the use of robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. SEMINE is developed with unique algorithms that are self-learning for executing the document and invoice handling processes. The platform integrates against the customer's existing accounting system to maintain both previous investment and historical accounting history. World-leading interaction designers together with leading technologists and research communities within A.I. have contributed to develop SEMINE. The result has exceptional user experiences and the SEMINE platform thinks like a human, just much faster and more structured. The company consists of an experienced team, dedicated owners and strategic partners with a shared ambition to revolutionize the accounting industry. We are currently 40+ employees and are headquartered in Oslo, with offices in Kristiansand and a subsidiary in Kerala, India.

Welcome to your new career opportunity in A.I
A.I (our general term for data science, machine learning, and deep learning) is one of the most exciting technologies of the decade. This role is your opportunity to build and deploy new A.I products from the ground up.
You will be an important part of a team helping chart our A.I strategy and define the problems we are solving with A.I. You will contribute to research on new usage areas for ML/AI, and be responsible for enhancing and implementing A.I solutions.
You will help build our A.I development and production infrastructure and set our technical standards. To succeed you must become an expert in building A.I models and putting them into production.
We can offer you a strategic role in a high pace environment where you have the opportunity to make an impact to our product, customers and your co-workers. We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and focus on having fun at work.

  • Set up and manage our A.I development and production infrastructure.
  • Help A.I product managers and business stakeholders understand the potential and limitations of AI when planning new products.
  • Build data ingest and data transformation infrastructure.
  • Identify transfer learning opportunities and new training datasets.
  • Build A.I models from scratch and help product managers and stakeholders understand results.
  • Deploy A.I models into production.
  • Create APIs and help business customers put results of your AI models into operations.
  • Keep current of latest AI research relevant to our business domain.
Skills & experience
  • At least 5 years hands-on programming experience working on enterprise products with AI, ML and NLP, REST APIs, libraries and frameworks
  • Good ability to translate functional requirements to technical solutions
  • Cloud application design and development
  • Demonstrated proficiency in multiple programming languages with a strong foundation in a statistical platform such as Python, R, and/or C#
  • Experience building A.I models in platforms such as Keras, TensorFlow, or Theano.
  • Demonstrated commitment to learning about A.I through your own initiatives through courses, books, or side projects.
  • Knowledge within the accounting area is an advantage
  • Good communication skills both in Norwegian and English
Is this job for you?
Are you already becoming technically skilled in A.I?

You must demonstrate strong initiative for building up your own A.I skills. This is not the job for you if you are not prepared to describe what you are already learning and models you have created.
We don’t expect you to be an expert or an A.I researcher, but you must be able take existing models and best practices and adapt them to our environment.
Be ready to show us models you have created and discuss them in great detail.

Have you built enterprise software?
This is not a research role. If your only software experience is quickly hacking Python models using libraries like Numpy and Pandas this job isn’t for you.
You will be required to deploy software into production by building maintainable, readable, modular solutions using modern software engineering best practices. Be ready to talk about your experiences doing code reviews, building interfaces, and deployment systems. You should have strong opinions about best software engineering practices.

Are you ok with ambiguous goals and uncertainty?
We have a number of prospective A.I projects. A major responsibility of this job is helping our leadership evaluate them and identifying the top candidates. You should expect prioritizes and direction to change as we are moving forward with developing SEMINE.
Do you have experience working in dynamic environments (such as a startup/scaleup)? Are you excited by ambiguous goals and changing requirements? Then this is the job for you.

Arbeidssted: Kristiansand
Søknadsfrist: Snarest